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Fee Schedule

At New Dimensions Escrow, we value communication, accuracy, and efficiency. For more information about our fee schedule and estimated costs of escrow, please view the Fee Schedule below.

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Resale Escrows

  • $125.00 Email Document Fee charged to the Buyer
  • $250.00 Base Fee plus $2.50 per $1,000.00 of the sale price, charged to each side (Buyer and Seller)
  • $250.00 Loan Tie-in Fee for one new loan, charged to the Buyer
  • $300.00 for two new loans, charged to the Buyer
  • $75.00 Document Preparation Fee for each document prepared through Escrow, party executing document shall be charged through the Escrow.
  • $35.00 Wire Fee per outgoing wire.
  • $50.00 Processing of E-mail HOA Documents, charged to the Seller.
  • $45.00 fee for Franchise Tax Board 593 remittance charged to the Seller.
  • $45.00 archive fee charged to each party
  • REO Escrows will have a $73.00 technology fee

As required, Federal Express fees will be charged to the party which benefited from the delivery.

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Mobile Home Escrows

All Fees as per the Resale Schedule plus $150.00 HCD Processing charge to Seller and Buyer each

FHA/VA Escrows

Seller shall be responsible for payment of any Escrow fees, which are non-allowable to the Buyer, as per FHA/VA guidelines.

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Refinance/Loan Escrows

  • $550.00 flat fee for loans under $150,000.00
  • $650.00 flat fee on loans over $150,000.00
  • $125.00 Processing Email for loan documents
  • $75.00 Document Preparation fee per document
  • $35.00 Federal Express fees
  • $35.00 Wire Fee per outgoing wire.

In the event we make accommodation payoffs, there is a fee of $10.00 per payoff.

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Notary Fees

$10.00 per signature notarized will be paid to the Notary Public, as mandated by the California Secretary of State. We can arrange for a mobile notary at a cost of $275.00 for Loan Documents to the Buyer/Borrower and a Seller Package Notary will be based on individual mobile notary quote.

New Home Escrows

  • $250.00 base fee plus $2.50 per $1,000.00 of the sale price
  • $250.00 Loan Tie-in Fee for one new loan
  • $300.00 for two new loans charged to the Buyer

Builder Fee to be Bulk Rate negotiable on a per-project basis.

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